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some days are made for smiling, dear

The BEST Day!

It’s true: some days are just made for smiling, dear. My grandma said that to me once — a long time ago. And today, of all days, I remembered it.

When we have these unbelievable moments in life, the kind that quite literally take our breath away, we can’t help but smile. Smiles are a constant companion on a wedding day. They’re unrestrained at the birth of a child. At graduations. On holidays. At every awards podium there ever was. In the shadow of the cross at a baptism. They’re alive in our heart with every fond memory of past days, of the laughter and joys, of the triumphs, of happy moments God gives in this life.

I smile today – in a pixeled little selfie photo – with a dream-come-to-life in my hands. It’s one of those days, dear. It was made for smiles. This books was worked for, cried over, prayed about and shared with my Dad before he went on to be with the Lord. And it’s here now – a testimony to the greatness of our God in a life small as mine – that some days, some are just made for smiles and nothing else. And His grace, His gifts, His LOVE for us? It never ceases.

Thank you for sharing this day with us.

With Joy,

Kristy Initials

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