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the day I’d live again

The day to live again
Me and my sister, Jenny, on the day to live again (2000)

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?

– L.M. Montgomery

I did an interview recently and was asked a thought-provoking question: If you could live one day again, which would it be and why? 

It made me stop and think. I took a trip down memory lane and found there were so many moments I’d love to live through again… Christmas morning as a kid. The day I accepted Christ. Graduation. Summer trips to the grandparents’ house. Field-walking through the flowers. Our wedding day. The birth of our children. My first book signing. I fell into nostalgia overload and found that I didn’t want to come up for air. The memories of joy fell under a spotlight and for a few moments at least, everything else faded away.

I didn’t remember the times I’ve stood by a graveside. I didn’t think of storms, or barriers, or tears. I wasn’t focused on mistakes. Or regrets. Or even failures. The memory of pain may be seared in certain corners of my heart – and I’ll visit them from time to time – but not now. Not today. Not when I’m remembering how good, how faithful, how full of light and peace and love our God is. Not when He gave such moments to savor. And certainly not when He gave me so many smiles.



I don’t know where you are today. If you’re like me, you’re probably busy. It’s the middle of a super sunny summer week and you’re probably running from the pool to the bank to work and back again… You may feel overwhelmed with the pressures of daily life. A holiday weekend is grand, but the buying and traveling just to get there can turn stressful in the blink of an eye.

Today, I’d encourage you to interview yourself. Ask that question – Which day would I live again and why? Look back at the smiles He’s given you. Remember them. Live them again if you can. Focus on the magic of those moments and I think we’ll all find – He was there too.

So which day did I choose? Was it one of the magical days I listed above?

Nope. (Smile.) The other ones are perfect, but I chose another day.

It was not long before I was to be married that my parents, sister and I took a drive out to a country orchard and winery near our home town. It was autumn, so the sights and smells of fall were all around… It was sunny and warm. There was just a nip of cool in the air. Potted mums were blooming in brilliant oranges and reds. We ate food on the winery’s patio and looked out over the fields of grape vines. We took photos. And laughed. We smiled, just the four of us, just like we’d always done. It’s a simple memory I will forever cherish. But as I thought about it again the other day, remembering how amazing a collection of moments it was – I smiled.

And I wondered — on that day I’d live again: Did He smile too?

Here’s to making more of those days. Have a blessed holiday, friends.

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