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Butterfly Facebook Party

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Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one.  Dr. Seuss

Friends ~ May I just say… WOW.

My first experience chatting live with friends and readers was a whirlwind of joy! I’ve dreamed of this day for more than a decade — when I’d be a Christian author with a book others could hold in their hands, and that it would be a Christ-centered story I had the privilege to tell. I’ve wanted, for so long, to meet my readers — YOU! Thanks for blessing me with such a wonderful night of laughter, a few tears, and overflowing joy. If you missed our Facebook Party, you can always stop by the see our chat on “the story behind the story” of The Butterfly and the Violin. (Click HERE.) And for those of you who were able to join — here’s the skinny on the Trivia Questions you may have been wondering about…



TRIVIA QUESTIONS & ANSWERS –> The Butterfly and the Violin

  • Sera James, our modern-day Manhattan girl, longs to see one city again — Paris. [TRUE – Just like the author, who hasn’t yet traveled there!]
  • Adele Von Bron was a concert violinist in Berlin before the war. [FALSE – Vienna, Austria]
  • Adele’s nickname, Butterfly, was given to her by her father. [FALSE – Vladamir Nicolai]
  • While Adele’s story is fiction, there was an official Women’s Orchestra of Auschwitz. [TRUE]
  • The search for a Holocaust victim’s violin is what brings Sera and William together. [FALSE – A painting of Adele]



  • Kristy spent her summers in the South, visiting her grandparents on their farm. [FALSE – Kristy did spend summers with her grandparents, but they lived in Northern Michigan (Port Huron), near Canada. They spent time on the shores of Lake Huron, where the water was COLD even in July!]
  • Every summer, Kristy and her family love to visit a country orchard and winery near her home. [TRUE – Kristy’s family has been visiting the same country orchard for more than twenty years. They go to a farmer’s market in the summer, and pick apples and pumpkins in the fall.]
  • Kristy’s absolute favorite season is summer. [FALSE – She LOVES autumn. With the start of football season, the need for sweaters and cozy quilts, drinking hot apple cider, and reading outside on her patio, she couldn’t be happier when September rolls around each year.]
  • Kristy and her family have taken a summer vacation to Disney World the last five years in a row. [TRUE – Kristy’s former day career had her travel to the Disney Leadership Institute for work once a year. Her husband and sons loved going with her! Their favorite thing to do while at Disney? Eat at the Epcot World Biergarten restaurant (German buffet), and meet Mickey Mouse, of course!]


Once again — THANK YOU for spending time chatting with me last night. We’ll see you for our next Facebook Party for A SPARROW IN TEREZIN, releasing in April of 2015.   See you soon!

With Joy,

Kristy Initials

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    1. Hi Rachael ~ I’m so glad you stopped by and had fun while there! ; ) Did you get a chance to interact with other readers? It seemed like the party went by so fast that I would have loved more time — hours even! Happy reading, my friend.

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