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FACE·me Blog Tour

Image is always in the news. For celebrities, it’s an ongoing campaign for beauty in the crazy world of Photoshopped perfection. The Huffington Post unmasked the science behind beauty in a very revealing video post.  The Dove® Campaign for Real Beauty is celebrating its 10th anniversary. (The Dove Real Beauty Sketches video was particularly moving.) Even TED took on the topic of beauty with model Cameron Russell – a video that’s been viewed on YouTube some 2.8 million times.

We may not want to, but we, as an American culture, seem obsessed with the topic of beauty: defining it, finding it, and keeping it.

Google one word:  ‘Beauty’ 

Ask yourself this question: What is beauty? If you had the skill to draw, what would the definition of beauty look like? A woman, probably. Tall. Leggy. Thin. With long hair, maybe? Hourglass. Lips. Perfectly porcelain skin. Youth. Perfection. We say that imperfections are beautiful. We say that freckles are lovely and wrinkles should be worn with pride (for the years full of memories that went into earning them). We say that beauty comes from the inside and that’s what should really be celebrated, but the images generated from a Google search on a single word – BEAUTY – were so counter to what we say. The result of my search was as expected: images of the young, white, sometimes scantily-clad, but all of the idealized-beauty, super-model variety.


What is FACE·me?

It came from a social media post from an author friend, Jaime Wright. She talked about going sans make-up, and loving it! So many of us commented that we wanted to do the same thing – to celebrate beauty as God made us – that we decided to pool our support efforts and reveal our make-up-free face together. I for one wanted to buck up against the idealized view of beauty I’ve always had (and thought I had to be). It sounds simple, but posting a natural pic. was one way I could prove to myself that the words in Psalm 139:14 are TRUE, and lasting, and about each one of us.

Psalm 139

This post was huge for me. I was scared (totally scared!) but knew I had to do it. I wanted to break free – literally – from the beauty/self-image/culture shock of what the world tells me we have to look like in order to be accepted, and classified as anything close to beautiful. As a wife, Mom, a professional, a student, a writer and, most importantly, a hand-molded child of the living God, I feel the weight of the world’s expectations come down pretty hard sometimes. (Who doesn’t?) But the unattainable image of perfection has plagued this heart since I was an awkward fifteen years old. I struggled with the Google image of beauty. With the beauty I just knew I was not. I even chose 2 Corinthians 4:18 as my life verse well into my twenties because of it.

Here’s the before:

Kristy_profile 2

And here’s the no more. No more Google-imagined beauty. No more idealized perfection. No more seeing with the eyes instead of seeing through the lens of God-created beauty. So here it is: my leap. My scared-out-of-my-mind but brave-in-Christ moment, staring beauty back in the face. It’s me. I’m #FACEme natural and proud:


I’ve always been a storyteller, just not ever in this way. It’s a visual story of the heart for me. This pic. was snapped on an iPhone, while in my home office. I have no make-up. Wearing PJs. Hair still wet from the shower. No jewelry except for the wedding ring that symbolizes the man who loves me when I look natural or made-up. Smiling the same smile I show my kids when I wake them every morning and put them to bed every night. It feels simple. Not idealized. Not the world’s image. Not the self-image I’ve always struggled with. And you know what? I loved the way it felt.

Join my other author friends on the tour, as we bust the “beauty” image and reveal who we are as beautiful children of God:

Laurie Tomlinson

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Stacy Monson

So what do you think? Is natural beauty real? How does it compare to the image the world tells us to have vs. Psalm 139:14? We invite you to BREAK FREE – to celebrate with us today, going FACEme natural for God’s version of beauty! Post your FACEme pic. on social media, and tag us with the hashtag: #FACEme

Thanks for helping me to be brave, and for allowing me to share this step in my own journey with Christ. I’m so glad you’re here.

With fearfully-made and #FACEme natural JOY,

Kristy Initials

25 thoughts on “FACE·me Blog Tour

  1. Love this post, Kristy. The weight of the world’s expectations – how true. And what an impossible way for all of us to live. Thank you for being real. The beauty we see in you truly comes from within – it doesn’t matter to us if you have makeup on or not!

    1. You’re right! It’s exhausting and impossible. I choose Christ. It’s funny – this post comes at a good time because I recently turned 35 and began thinking along these lines already. I even went out of the house without make-up one day (TOTAL shocker!) and felt fine with it. I think I’m letting go… that’s a good feeling. ; )

  2. Simply love this Kristy! You are so beautiful – with AND without makeup! Your true heart shines through and that’s what really makes you beautiful 🙂 Thank you for being brave and sharing!

  3. I think you don’t need make up to have true Beauty. Look at some of the Amish women they are some of the most beautiful women and they don’t where makeup or get nose jobs. The old black and white photos are some of the most beautiful pictures and we know that they did not have nose jobs or anything fancy and we can’t tell the make up. Natural is some of the best. Sure make up is fine but surgery is going too far. We are all beautiful. I love both of your pictures.

  4. I think the real you – the ones your husband and kids get is the one I’d want to know because it’s you…Thanks for sharing yourself & your insights – and for being beautiful!

  5. Hooray for our God given beauty, the kind that has nothing to do with the outer and everything to do with inner. Way to go, Kristy!

  6. First of all, you are a beautiful.young woman without the “glamour shot” makeup BUT, if you weren’t, your power to inspire and entertain would still be the same. Thanks for sharing but I fell in love with your writing and your passion for Christ long before I had seen your picture!

  7. I usually spend most days sans makeup. I usually put on makeup to go to church and on special occasions. I was taught to never show my real face to the pubic. I now forget to put on makeup when I go to the doctor( they really need to see the real me) and just going out to the store or hanging around home. I can’t work due to disability but I do give my face to the public most of the time.

    1. Oh, my friend! Thanks for stopping by the blog to offer encouragement. I’m so used to chatting with you on my Facebook page, that it’s a blessing to have you here too!

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