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Writers tend to drink copious amounts of coffee. 

The nature of the book beast demands caffeine. It’s just part of who we are as writers. Or at least – it’s part of who this writer is. And it’s that little known detail about who I am that has me smiling today.

I love when the people in our lives surprise and delight our hearts when they know little things like this about us. A fondness for coffee. Or books. A favorite color. Our birthday is circled on the calendar. How we order a meal or the type of movie we like is taken into consideration for a night out. It could be any one of a million tiny things that taken together, means we’re known to someone else.

We’re loved. And cared about. And yes — sometimes worried over a bit. Maybe we’re even the subject of prayers that are wholeheartedly whispered from someone’s lips.

It’s a treasured thing to be known, isn’t it?


I walked into my Bible study class a bit shaken before the first word was spoken.

I didn’t have everything together that day. My heart was burdened over something kind of big and I felt like I had to put on a brave face. I just couldn’t let the other women at my table know how deeply I was struggling. I didn’t want to bring anyone else down. Didn’t want to have to admit a place of vulnerability and embarrassment. And in trying to suppress the uncertainty of whether I could trust God with this trial in our lives, the situation just spilled from my lips before I could stop it.

And there it was. For better or worse, I’d made myself vulnerable. And completely put in their hands… 

How did they respond?

The beautiful women in my class said, “You’re known,” without the necessity of words.

I came back to Bible study this week to find a bag – a BIG bag – of coffee by my chair. Three boxes of it, in fact. Enough to encourage and keep me writing well into the deadline for my next book. And then there was a gift card for our local coffee shop that was slipped over to me by an anonymous giver. And yes, another sister approached me with a gift card for — you guessed it: more liquid love.

The tears formed in my eyes before I knew what was happening.

It wasn’t the coffee. It wasn’t even the blessing of gifts. For me, my emotions tripped over the love that these women showed me in some very tough moments. And while they’re relatively new friends, they still whispered with their actions: “You’re known, Kristy.”

You have searched me, Lord,
    and you know me.
You know when I sit and when I rise;
    you perceive my thoughts from afar.
You discern my going out and my lying down;
    you are familiar with all my ways.
Before a word is on my tongue
    you, Lord, know it completely.
You hem me in behind and before,
    and you lay your hand upon me.

– Psalm 139: 1-5 (NIV)

Take a look at Psalm 139 today.

Read it. Slowly.

Take a breath and take it in.

Read it again. Sub your name in those lines where you need to. “You know me, _____________.” Read about how you (not anyone else right now), just YOU are precious to Him.

Absorb every ounce of this love letter — because that’s what it is.

A letter that’s not lost in the history books. A letter that’s alive and breathing in the year 2015. A letter that tells you in this social media world that you’re not a number. You’re not the sum of your sins. Or hurts. Or social media status updates. It’s a reminder that we are so treasured, so cared about, so individually placed on God’s heart that He’d know us. He’d care. He’d reach so far down in the trenches – wherever we are – to lay a hand on us. He’d find us as we sit by the hospital bed of a loved one. As we cry by a graveside. As we keep quiet about our hurts in a Bible study. As we try to live happy, pain-free days. As we look to success and money and the product of a comfortable suburban life to equip us with security and joy.

As we fall in and out of sin. Even as we doubt. And turn from Him. And don’t believe.

You may ask, “Can coffee do all that?” (With a smile.) Absolutely.

Or, “Can the knowledge that we’re known mean that much?” You better believe it.

I sit in a warm house with a mug of steaming coffee today, waiting for more than a foot of snow to fall tonight. I hear the wind rocking the windowpanes. And read over and over this love letter, hoping that you and I will believe it. That in the midst of the storm, we’ll hear His voice and feel His touch.

Listen for it in this song, would you? Listen for these words:

I am seen, and I am known, by the Lord of Lords!

There’s no place I can go where Your love won’t find me.

No place I can hide that You don’t see.

No place I could fall Your love couldn’t catch me…

You see it all through the eyes of love.


You’re known, beloved. From the coffee to the books. From the favorite color to the birthday and with every grain of sand on the shore.

You’re known.


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  1. Oh, how lovely. Kristy, I am crying with you right now. Not even sure why, other than this message is beautiful and heartfelt and earth-shaking. God knows each of us by name, but He also knows every tiny detail about us. He knows when we hurt and when we’re excited. And He shares in all of it. He’s with us for all of it.


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