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Penciled In: Expecting God to Move

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 Every day, we need to walk with the posture of expectancy.

— Allen, family friend

I’d arrived to the airport two hours early for my flight.

That never happened.

Not in my soccer-Mom-to-three-busy-writing-wife-and-author life. (That’s a unicorn if I ever saw one.) But I made my way through the terminal after a book signing event weekend, looking for quiet (of all things). I found a near-empty gate not far from the place my plane would take off and parked to sneak in some work time.

I got out  my Verse Mapping notebook, a handful of Sharpies and put my earphones in to drown out the airport “noise” around me, expecting to mind my own business until take-off time. But of all things, that expectancy quote began to flood my mind.

I’d completed Beth Moore’s Children of the Day Bible study just weeks before and it was so powerful, that it changed my heart. I was moved to action by her model of in-depth studying of Scripture and began verse mapping for the first time in my near twenty years of walking with Jesus. In that, I’d begun to learn who God is — as I’d never fully known Him before. My Mom even encouraged me to watch Beth’s testimonial video of her experience with God showing up in the everyday:

I kept thinking — I’m a follower of Jesus, but do I really expect Him to move anywhere? Anytime? Even when I’m not sitting in a pew?  I’d watched that video days before but I was still thinking: “Could He show up in an airport for me like He did for Beth?” The questions overwhelmed my heart with a heaviness that would not allow me to focus on anything else but the fact that He could show up – even in a busy airport – if I’d only expect Him to.

I prayed right there, “God – I’m sitting alone over here, but you know what? I’m expecting you to show up. I’m expecting that you’ve got a God appointment written into my schedule. So I’m just going to sit here and do my work until you bring someone who needs your Son as much as I do.”

And I went to work.

Five minutes later, a flight attendant pushed a wheelchair over and parked a woman to my right. I noticed, wondering if God was at work too. (No. I’m crazy, right? It couldn’t be.) I pulled the right ear bud from my ear to listen in case she said something, but kept working. A few moments later, a woman pushed a second wheelchair over and parked a young lady to my left. I sat up a little straighter. I was pretty sure God was there, but I pulled the ear bud from my left ear and keep working anyway, not wanting to pry into anyone’s travel affairs unless He nudged me.

And then it happened: a God-sized nudge that nearly knocked me out of my chair. 

The lady pushing the second wheelchair inquired about my very colorful notebook. (Ha ha! The former art-student strikes again!) I said, “It’s verse-mapping! I just started it a couple of months ago and I love it.

The lady in the wheelchair to my right spoke up. “I know about verse-mapping.” And the young lady in the wheelchair to my left asked, “What’s verse-mapping? I’m a Christian and I want to know more about it.”

So we talked. And talked. About verses… what I do for a living… the journey of God’s faithfulness in our lives… losing my Dad to cancer… about faith that embraces the risky and walks with the posture of expectancy in our daily lives.

My heart nearly exploded when the young lady in the wheelchair to my left began to weep. She’d been in a car accident a few months before and was in terrible pain.

She said she just needed someone to heal her. And I thought, Me too! My heart is crying for Jesus to heal the parts of me that are broken.”

This has never happened to me before, but she asked if I’d pray right there. In the airport. With hundreds of people walking by and the terminal filling up. I’m real on this blog, folks — so I can tell you that I was nervous. I didn’t know if I’d say anything that mattered or if I’d pray the right way, but I do know that I asked God for us to be brought together that day and I was going to respond. I was beyond excited that God showed up, just like He says He will!

I asked the other lady if she wanted to pray too. And she did. (Heaven’s glory, she did!) So in a busy terminal, with hundreds of people walking by at the speed of life, we pushed those two wheelchairs together and prayed mightily in the name of Jesus Christ. We held hands. We wept. We praised the Son who brings hearts together. Who heals. Who takes the broken and rebuilds everything that’s fallen apart.

Those ladies boarded their plane not long after. And I gathered my things to return to my own gate. With hands shaking. With my heart thumping and just crazy-grateful that God found us in an airport, of all places. That was my first experience with a rapid response to living and walking in the posture of expectancy. And I’m praying for each of us that we’ll find Him in those forgotten corners of our busy lives. That we’ll put down the music and drown out the noise enough to invite Him in wherever we are in the moment.

That airport prayer meeting left me shaken. I’ll never forget that He’s willing. Able. And so ready to move — if we’d only expect Him to.

It’s a busy Monday morning.

Your schedule is probably as packed as mine. But this week, I pray that we’re penciling in God on every line of the calendar. That our appointment book would be full to overflowing with expectancy whenever we start the day.

With JOY in the journey,


10 thoughts on “Penciled In: Expecting God to Move

  1. Kristy, this brought tears to my eyes… thank you for sharing such a beautiful account of God’s faithfulness to show up. Thank you for the reminder of His mighty, personal love– and the nudge to live in expectancy. May your day be blessed!


    1. Here’s an example of one that I uploaded to Twitter:

      Just scroll down on the media pics. until you see the one from May 10. Hope it comes through. ; ) I’m thinking of starting a Verse Map Club in July – just something informal on my website, that whomever is verse mapping can share it on social media. I’ll keep everyone updated. Have to get my next book turned in first. ; )


  2. I am that young lady in the second wheelchair, and I too am still in awe and weeping over God’s mastery. His hand is over every situation in our lives. You weren’t supposed to be at that terminal Kristy. He put you there. For me. Little ole me. I am nobody in the grand scheme of things. I don’t matter… do I?

    But to God I do matter. Everywhere I go, He is there. For me. For you. Joshua 1:9, I won’t forget. Thank you Kristy.

    Sincerely, your sister in Christ,
    Cynthia Bent

    1. My dear Cynthia ~
      I was so hoping we’d connect online! And you’re right — I wasn’t even supposed to be in that terminal. Except – I prayed for a God appt. and He brought us together. He cares about every single one of us THAT MUCH. To go to that effort so we know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) that we are valuable, known, seen, cared for and precious to Him. He knew what you needed and what I needed that day. Joshua 1:9 – wherever we go (even if it’s to an airport), we’re NEVER alone.

      I hope you stick around my social media pages, because I’ll want to stay connected.

      With JOY, for He is good —

  3. Your story reminds us that we need to take the time to listen. To really take the time to listen or else we are going to miss out on God given moments in the middle of our busy world.

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