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Video Café — Coffee Break & #Giveaway with Beth Vogt

cBonjour, Friends! Welcome back to the first Video Café of the incoming autumn season. This week, we chat with dear friend and fellow author sister on, Beth K. Vogt. (And stick around to the end of the interview for our usual #Giveaway… Happy reading!)

If you’re new to the Video Café, Click HERE to see what it’s all about. But if you’ve been here before, you know how it works. So let’s grab a cuppa and spend some time with Melanie…


BONJOUR — and welcome to the Café, dear Beth! We’re all in a TGIF mood around here… So, what are you drinking and where’s your café this lovely Friday morning? 

We love chatting with our author sisters in the cafe. Can you share a devotion with us – something that God’s been laying on your heart? 

“God will be the stability of our times…” This is just beautiful, Beth! In the midst of the busy days we lead, it’s such a blessing to find stability in His arms. We love that we’re able to find faith woven in to your novels — especially when we need reminding of God’s constancy in our lives. Can you share more about your latest release, Crazy Little Thing Called Love: A Destination Wedding Novel?

This is a tough question, I know, but we are mean here on and ask every one of our author guests… So, you have to answer. 🙂 What’s your favorite book? 

As per your book recommendation, I’m challenged to be more open and honest too. In fact, if you’ve been truly changed by your favorite book, then we’re anxious to know more about it. (I just HAD to include a link to it here: CLICK THIS LINK for some awesome life change from our friend Beth). 

Time goes sooooo fast in the Video Café. Since our coffee break is almost up, can you share something fun that we *your lovely readers) might not know about you? [Note to readers: This response is AMAZING and so inspiring. Beth K. Vogt – you are ridiculously awesome!]

We loved having you as a guest today, Beth. We’re delighted to have spent this last morning of the week with you – even more so now that we’ve been able to get to know you better. Merci, friend, for sharing your heart with us and for telling such powerful stories. We’re all looking forward to your next visit with us. Hugs! 

BethBeth K. Vogt believes there’s more to happily ever after than the fairy tales tell us.  Life is messy … romance is messy … and Beth writes real-life romances where characters discover hope and redemption through faith. A 2014 Carol Award finalist, Beth is a contemporary romance novelist with Howard Books. Her novel Somebody Like You was selected as one of Publisher’s Weekly’s Best Books of 2014. Beth is a former non-fiction author and editor who said she’d never write fiction. She’s the wife of an Air Force family physician (now in solo practice) who said she’d never marry a doctor or anyone in the military. She’s a mom of four who said she’d never have kids. Beth now believes God’s best often waits behind the doors marked “Never.” Her favorite sound is laughter.


Beth is pleased to offer a  copy of Crazy Little Thing Called Love to one reader in our café. This giveaway is for US residents only, and runs from 8/7 – 8/13/15. Enter by commenting on this post 8/7 – 8/13/15 with an answer to the following question:

  • Beth talked about the way her husband just “swept her off her feet”. Where did you meet — or where would you like to meet — your spouse?  

We’ll draw one lucky reader’s name to win the books and announce the winner on this post by 8/14/2015. And stick around, because we’ll have more authors visiting the café very soon. And in the meantime, stop by the Freebies & Fun page on my website — I’ll keep you up-to-date on the active #Giveaways we have running all the time!

With JOY & coffee talk,


46 thoughts on “Video Café — Coffee Break & #Giveaway with Beth Vogt

  1. I just got married in April! At the age of 40 I had about given up hope that I would marry.

    I met my now husband at, of all places, the bowling alley! I wouldn’t say I was swept off my feet, but intrigued enough to go out to dinner with him. He was deliberate, intentional and persistent.

  2. Great chat, Kristy and Beth. Can’t wait to see video of your skydiving, Beth! 🙂

    I met my hubby at work. I went in to apply and he was the one overseeing the interview. I remember being soooo nervous talking to this cute guy. 😉 haha! It was a day I won’t forget. ❤

    1. Hi! CONGRATS — We drew the winning name and it’s yours! 😉 Please send an email with your street address to: kcambronauthor@gmail[dot]com and we”l ensure your copy of Beth’s book gets in the mail. Happy Reading!! 😉

  3. I met my husband through mutual friends who dragged me along on their visit to his family. We didn’t say more than hello that night but a week later he called me for a date and we were married less than two years later and will celebrate our 36th anniversary the end of September. He’s the best man I know besides my father!

  4. I met my husband online. It was via a dating site that actually had given me a free membership. I figured I was new in town (I had moved across the country-long story…to escape an abusive ex) so why not join a site where I could meet someone local. My husband actually lived in another state, but his profile was so fun I couldn’t resist contacting him for friendship. We became email pals after I sent him a message that said “We’ll never date, but…” We have been married for 8 years now and I can confidently say that God put us together.

  5. I met my husband at a high school basketball game. I was a Senior and he was two years older. We dated a year and were married in December, 1968. Good Lord willing, we celebrate our 47th anniversary this December and we know that putting God first has helped us succeed as a married couple!

    1. Love that you met your husband as a teen, married him as a teen … and your love is still going strong!

  6. I met my husband in church….we were both married to other people at the time. Mine ended when I left my abusive husband and his when his wife died in a car accident. We lived in different states the year she passed, so he called the phone number he had for me to tell me of her death. She had become a very close friend when I knew her, so he thought it important to let me know. As you can see, the end result was the Lord put us together! We’ve been married a very blissful 18 years this year 🙂
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, sounds like the kind of book I need on my self! I enjoyed the video cafe chat!

    1. Trixi, I am thankful to hear that you’re no longer in that abusive relationship — and that you and your husband found each other after some heartaches.

  7. I met my husband through friends while visiting a lake in South Carolina. He most definitely did not sweep me off my feet at first. It took me six years to agree to go on a date with him! I had to grow up a little. 😉 He was “the nice guy,” and I was ready for one of those yet.

    1. Sonja: I read your reply twice. 🙂 You met your husband when HIS GIRLFRIEND introduced you. Okay, then …

    1. Kim: I am sorry to hear that your marriages did not work out. But I admire your choice of contentment.

    1. Laurie: My oldest daughter met her husband at church: She greeted him the first time he visited there. He told her later that he walked away thinking, “That’s the kind of girl you want to marry.” 🙂

  8. Thanks for the giveaway, Kristy! Beth I can’t wait to see your skydive. I am not that brave. 🙂

    In answer to your question, I met my husband at a church fellowship in a friend’s hometown. My friend and I were both living in Louisville and working at a Christian bookstore. Her husband was out of town on business, and we packed up and went to stay with her mom for the weekend. While we were there, I met the brother of a friend of hers briefly. I had no idea that we would be married just a few short years later!

    1. Gracemamao4: I’m hoping 2016 will be the year of skydiving for me.
      And it’s interesting how Mr. Right shows up when we least expect it!

  9. I met my husband through a personal challenge to discover if there were any “good” single men in Dallas. No one fit the description in Texas but my husband-to-be popped up all the way from Indiana, which is where I now call home.

  10. Good morning Ladies, I met my husband in a gas station in 1983, he was filling his bike tires with air. My girlfriend knew him and introduced us, we met up later that day in a park. We will be celebrating our 30 year wedding Anniversary next month, we have 3 children and have been best friends since the day we met. Thank you

  11. My husband and I were friends in high school, went our separate ways afterwards and met up again 15 years later at a children’s birthday party. I love that memory!
    I’m looking forward to reading Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Thanks for the interview and giveaway.

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