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#VideoCafé — coffee break & #Giveaway with Sarah Sundin

sarahBonjour, Friends ~ Welcome back to the Video Café. This week, we get to share our coffee break with fellow historical & WWII author — the fabulous Sarah Sundin! (And stick around to the end of the coffee break for our usual #Giveaway…)

If you’re new to the Video Café, Click HERE to see what it’s all about. But if you’ve been here before, you know how it works. So let’s grab our cup of morning java and chat with Sarah…


BONJOUR — and welcome to the Café, Sarah! I’m sure I’m not the only reader out there who is ready for fall weather and a steamy mug of coffee to match… So, what are you drinking and where’s your café this lovely, almost-autumn morning? 

We love that you’re joining us from beautiful California today! Since it’s warm and sunny, we’re inclined to prop up our feet and stay a while. Would you mind to share a quick devotion with us? What scripture is ministering to you right now and why? 

And it’s the theme verse for Through Waters Deep! Thank you for sharing this connection with us. What a reminder of God’s grace and the assurance that He has a plan through every season. We’d love to hear more about this new series — can you give us a special sneak peek? 

I have a copy of this book and I cannot WAIT to read it! (I also have a great love for the WWII generation, so the era plus the intrigue in your story is hooking me right in. 🙂 

This is a question we haven’t asked much yet, but we’re curious to know a little fun fact about you. What’s your favorite movie? (Yes – so sorry. You can only choose one!)

Speaking of fun… What’s one of those side-stitch laughter moments you’ve had as an author? 

Sarah – you handled that with such sweetness and grace! I would have been so embarrassed too, but it sounds like you just loved on that reader. Whew! How kind of you. 

We’ve loved chatting with you today. Please come back and visit with your next novel? We want to get to know you a bit better — and to keep reading the amazing (and so deeply researched) books you write. Blessings, Love!

1 Sarah Sundin enjoys writing about the drama and romance of the World War II era. She is the author of the Waves of Freedom series (Through Waters Deep, August 2015), the Wings of the Nightingale series (With Every Letter, 2012, On Distant Shores, August 2013, and In Perfect Time, 2014), and the Wings of Glory series (A Distant Melody, A Memory Between Us, and Blue Skies Tomorrow).

A mother of three, Sundin lives in northern California. She works on-call as a hospital pharmacist and teaches Sunday school and women’s Bible studies. She belongs to American Christian Fiction Writers, Christian Authors Network, and Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. Her novella in Where Treetops Glisten is a finalist in the 2015 Carol Awards, and her novel On Distant Shores was a double finalist for the 2014 Golden Scroll Awards. In 2011 she received the Writer of the Year Award from the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference. Please visit Sarah’s website at


Sarah is pleased to offer a  copy of Through Waters Deep to one reader in our café. This giveaway is for US residents only, and runs from 8/21 – 8/27/15. Enter by commenting on this post 8/21 – 8/27/15 with an answer to the following question:

  • Sarah talked about the storyline in her new novel, Through Waters Deep, and here’s a bit of mystery to it. Can you usually figure out the mystery in a book or novel, or are you often surprised at the “big reveal”? 

We’ll draw one lucky reader’s name to win the book and announce the winner on this post by 8/28/2015. And stick around, because we’ll have more authors visiting the café very soon. And in the meantime, stop by the Freebies & Fun page on my website — I’ll keep you up-to-date on the active #Giveaways we have running all the time!

With JOY & coffee talk,


43 thoughts on “#VideoCafé — coffee break & #Giveaway with Sarah Sundin

  1. I would say most of the time I can figure it out. But when I’m surprised by the end that’s even better. Thank you

    1. Recently I read a book where two suspects – each of whom I’d thought were guilty and then changed my mind – were working together! I loved that!

  2. If it’s a movie, I usually figure it out. But I’m of the camp that books are better anyways, so I’m usually surprised by the big reveal in a good book! Maybe it’s because I actually want to be surprised, I don’t know. But I love a good mystery!

    1. Isn’t that interesting? I wonder if it’s because we see more visual cues in movies that help us see beneath the surface.

  3. The video clips are so fun! I really enjoyed hearing from Sarah, and WWII is one of my favorite periods of history. It was the era of my grandparents. My mom and her twin sisters were born during the war, and it’s just so fun to have a story of that time to reflect on what life must have been like for my grandparents. Sometimes I figure out the mystery early on, but if other parts of the story have me entrenched, then I am ok with that. I absolutely love to be surprised though!

  4. I sometimes figure out the ending but most times, I am surprised. I have seen so many great reviews of this book and I love the cover!
    Thanks for letting us get to know Sarah and I also apprecuate a chance to win Through Waters Deep.

  5. Enjoyed the videos and post. I love a good mystery! And I have to admit, sometimes I peek at the ending….I’m so bad! But other times I figure things out as I go along.

    1. Clucking my tongue at you 🙂 I admit, I often flip to the end to find out the romantic ending, especially if lives are in danger 🙂

  6. I can often figure out a part of the mystery but there’s usually some twist that I wasn’t expecting (and that makes the book even better). I really enjoyed this interview with Sarah. It was fun to see and hear her, rather than just read her responses. I’m looking forward to reading Through Waters Deep so am glad to have a chance to win it.

  7. I’m not a really good mystery solver, so I’m always surprised by the ending & “who-dunnit”! Always makes for some tense moments and that edge-of-your seat feeling throughout the book 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to read this book! As for mysteries, most of the time I figure it out near the end but before the book reveals the answer. Sometimes, I am surprised by the ending though.

  9. Sometimes I am surprised at the mystery at the end of the book but a lot of timesI have it figured out! I usually give the book 5 stars in my review if The author has me totally stumped! I have read all of Sarah Sundin’s previous books & have loved them! This one is on my TBR list & I would be so excited to win a copy!!

  10. I enjoyed our coffee break time together, fun to meet a new to me author! I sometimes get it figured out..but recently I’ve found I’m more surprised at who did it.. I’d love to read Sarah’s book 🙂

    1. Thank you, DK! I like it best when I figure it out at the same time the sleuth does…or slightly before.

    1. I like the good surprises, when you look back and say, “Of course. NOW I see it.” I don’t like the endings that come out of nowhere.

    2. CONGRATS — We drew the name and you’re the winner of Sarah’s book! Please send an email with your street address to kcambronauthor[at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll make sure you get your book. Happy reading! 😉

  11. Thank you for having me at your cafe today, Kristy! And I must edit my favorite movie answer, because I’m obsessive. It’s the A&E Pride & Prejudice, not BBC. And the clothing IS gorgeous, not ARE. There. Now I feel better. Yes, author lady speak English good.

    1. I loved your videos! (I admit I was a little distracted… I wanted to dive in that pool behind you. Ha ha!) SO grateful that you stopped by. What a blessing to have you on. Next coffee break should be a real one as soon as we can. 😉

  12. I can usually figure out the mystery, but sometimes I am surprised. I always like it when an author can surprise me. S often plots are predictable…

    1. I usually can’t figure it out. So if I figure it out early, I lose some respect for the author 🙂 If you can’t fool me, you didn’t disguise your clues very well 🙂

  13. I love these video interviews. It’s so nice to get to know authors this way. Their personalities and spirits shine through and it’s cool to hear their voices. 😉

    To answer your question about figuring out the mystery…
    Well, I’m kind of strange. Even if I have an idea–I pretend I don’t. Haha I like being surprised, so I try not to ‘think’ about it too much.

    1. That’s cute! My family teases me about how I set my watch five minutes ahead so I won’t be late. “But you KNOW it’s fast!” Yes, but I lie to myself. Hey, it works.

    2. Aren’t the video coffee breaks just so fun? I thought of them when I was in corporate America. I didn’t have much free time – not enough to read a traditional interview on my lunch break. But a 5 or so minute video to get to know an author? That I could do. And –Voila! The Video Cafe was born. 😉 SO glad you stopped by!

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