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Video Café – Coffee Break & #Giveaway with Lynne Gentry

ValleyBonjour, Friends ~ Welcome back to the Video Café. This week, we share a coffee break with my dear friend (and amazing author) — Lynne Gentry! (Pssst! Be sure to hang around to the end of the coffee break for our usual #Giveaway…)

If you’re new to the Video Café, Click HERE to see what it’s all about. But if you’ve been here before, you know how it works. So let’s grab our cup of morning java and chat with Sarah…


BONJOUR — Welcome back to the Café, Lynne! We’re delighted to have you with us for another coffee break. So, now that it’s officially autumn (Yay!), where’s your cafe and just what are you drinking today? (Hot apple cider, maybe?) 

Your new space is amazing — especially because of your sweet visitor who stays in your office with you! (P.S. We soooo want to sit down and have a chat with you and your gingerbread latte.) But as we’re just settling in on the couch with you, could you share what Scripture is ministering to you today?  

You Scripture choice brings such a steadfast reminder of God’s faithfulness — especially as the season of change are upon us. And speaking of new things… We’re anxious to hear about your next book. Can you share more about Valley of Decision, and just why it feels a bit bittersweet this time around? 

We are just loving the time we get to spend with you today. How fun to step into your world and see what life’s like for an author behind the scenes… And since you’re here and we can ask one of the biggest reader questions you receive:

Is time travel possible? (I actually have an opinion on this one!) 

Here’s our final question… Another one that’s on my mind an as author: 

How close did you stay to historical fact in this book?

Dearest Lynne – You are such a delight! I love any opportunity to spend time with you, sister. You’re encouraging, full of wisdom, and such a blessing to all of us. Please come visit again when you have another book to share. Or even if you just want to check in… we’re always up for a coffee break with you. 

(P.S. I want to hug you for reals!! The last part of your clip made me cry!) 


Lynne Gentry has written for numerous publications. Her new series, The Carthage Chronicles is a time travel, historical romance, adventure. She is a professional acting coach, theater director, and playwright with several full-length musicals plus a Chicago children’s theater curriculum to her credit. Lynne is an inspirational speaker and dramatic performer. She loves spending time with her family or working the hospital oncology wards with her medical therapy dog Roman.


Lynne is pleased to offer a  copy of Valley of Decision to one reader in our Café. This giveaway is for US residents only, and runs from 9/25 – 10/1/15. Enter by commenting on this post 9/25 – 10/1/15 with an answer to the following question:

  • Lynne talked about one of the most frequent reader questions she receives: How close did you stay to historical fact in this book? As a reader — does this matter to you? Do you want a fiction author to stick straight to the facts, or, do you like storytelling magic to bend fact a little?

We’ll draw one lucky reader’s name to win the book and announce the winner on this post by 10/2/2015. And stick around, because we’ll have more authors visiting the Café through the end of the year. And in the meantime, stop by the Freebies & Fun page on my website — I’ll keep you up-to-date on the active #Giveaways we have running all the time!

With JOY & coffee talk,


24 thoughts on “Video Café – Coffee Break & #Giveaway with Lynne Gentry

  1. I love historical books, and I always hope they are as accurate as possible when it comes to the details of everyday life. That said, some of my favorite books are based on the holes in an historic story. For example, Jane Kirkpatrick’s idea for her new book (The Memory Weaver) was sprouted from a three year gap in a journal. The writers’ imagination that fills those spaces makes history come to life!

    Lynne, your books are new to me, and I’m excited to discover them!

  2. I needed the Psalms more than anything this week thank you. Was in a pit and needed pulled out. I can’t wait to read yours series. I do love to read series and they are hard to say goodbye to so I can imagine how hard it is for an author. Hope you can take a great vacation with you grandchild and relax after this book.

  3. I do like when they stay pretty close to the facts, but when you’ve got characters interacting in a certain way, some things might need to be tweaked a bit to fit the story.

  4. Hi Kristy,

    As always, I enjoyed this video cafe with Lynne Gentry. I’ve been introduced to so many wonderful books and authors this way.

    Although I don’t think facts should be ‘broken’ and steered in a completely different direction (especially biblical fiction), but certainly I enjoy it when authors bend and imbue their historical stories with some fictional magic dust. The dust is what makes books come alive!

    This video chat with Lynne was fun, and I enjoyed getting a peek into her world.

    *I have to add – I definitely believe in time travel! I personally do it often. The portal is behind a historical book cover. But beware! I must warn you–it’s soooo difficult to find your way back out. 😉


  5. I do like historical facts to be a close as possible even reading fiction but if the author is going to mix up facts and fiction it’s find by me too. So the answer is not all the time does it have to be fact it can be fiction too and I will enjoy reading it.

  6. I guess it really depends on how much I know about the era. If I’m not familiar with that point in history, I guess I won’t care if it’s accurate or not 🙂 If I do know a lot I guess it would bother me. But I also think it depends on where they bend the facts. If it’s a small factual error I don’t think it matters to much.

  7. I would rather historical be factual even though it is considered fiction. I’ve learned a lot of history from authors who write this way and make it more fun to learn. Jody Hedlund comes to mind in this category.

  8. Being previously unfamiliar with Lynne Gentry’s books, I really enjoyed the video cafe and would love to read the Carthage Chronicles. As a general rule, I don’t mind the author’s straying from strict historical facts; however, when a Biblical character or Biblical account is involved, I prefer the author stick to historical facts so that I’m not remembering the Biblical account or character incorrectly.

    1. I agree, Suzanne. Biblical fiction is a bit trickier than historical/time travel fiction. The one thing I have appreciated about some of the wonderful Biblical fiction I’ve read like from Stephanie Landsem or Jill Eileen Smith is their ability to help me see the people mentioned in scripture as real. Thanks so much for stopping by to chat today.

  9. I appreciate stories that are based on historical facts. I love when the story telling magic brings the facts to life in an exciting way. The Carthage Chronicles is a EPIC ADVENTURE! I can’t wait to read how it all ties together in the Valley of Decision. 🙂

  10. I do like the author to stick as close to the facts as possible. Naturally, some deviation is needed in the creation of characters, but I really appreciate as much accuracy as possible.

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