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Welcome to the #VerseMapClub – Book of Romans!

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Welcome, Mappers — To the #VerseMapClub!

For weeks, we’ve been chatting about verse mapping and this month, we’re diving in to start a new unit together — the book of #Romans! 🙂

If you love unpacking the context of the scriptures you’re reading — looking at the Hebrew/Greek translations, finding connections in the Word, & learning as much as you can from your time with the Holy Spirit — then join me as we dig in to our study time together.

How #VerseMapClub Works: 

To make it easy, we’ll select chapters for our club to focus on each week. I’ll post them on the #VerseMapClub link here on (They’re also listed in this post… Scroll down, please!)

  • As a group, we’ll study the same chapters, but we’ll select the individual verses to map based on our own personal prayer and devotion time.
  • Share your verse mapping throughout the week, tagging our group on social media.
  • Each Friday, I’ll post a new blog to share the #mindblown moments of what we’ve learned that week.
  • Our club posts will include your pics, any insights we’ve learned, and a video message or two from yours truly!


OCTOBER Chapters: 

  • Romans 1 — Oct. 5 – 11
  • Romans 2 — Oct. 12 – 18
  • Romans 3 — Oct. 19 – 25
  • Romans 4 — Oct. 26 – Nov. 1

How to Share: 

We want to share what we’re learning together, so we’ve made it easy to do. You can connect with our club Mappers here:

  • Twitter — Post pics and updates with hashtag #VerseMapClub. Tag me @KCambronAuthor on your post, and it might end up on my social media channels. 🙂
  • Pinterest — Connect with me on Pinterest, and I’ll be happy to add you to our community #VerseMapClub board. Here, we can share pins to track Bible journaling, resources, and pics of our mapping journeys.
  •  Facebook — Follow the #VersemapClub hashtag on Facebook, and watch my page for our weekly posts.

If your church or Bible study group decides to map together, please share the group pics too.

It’s that simple!


Verse Mapping 101 – The Basics: 

New to verse mapping? No problem. There’s only one rule we follow — If you can’t back something up with Scripture, then you can’t write it down. (Basically, if God said it first then it’s fair game to write down!)

Here’s the step-by-step instructions to get started:

So that’s it. We select chapters. Map verses together. Spend awesome time with God. Learn & share… That’s #VerseMapClub, and I can’t wait to learn along with you!

With Verse Mapping JOY,


14 thoughts on “Welcome to the #VerseMapClub – Book of Romans!

  1. Not sure I’ll be able to join in this time. I’m currently verse mapping my memory verses, though.

    One thing that I do breaks your rule. I write down definitions from my dictionary and synonyms and antonyms from my thesaurus that help me understand my verses better.

    I also keep track of my thoughts and impressions about the verses, since this journal will be a log of my time with God. That will help me remember years from now what I learned in these verse map sessions.

    Thanks for putting together a verse map club! I hope to catch up on the next group mapping session.

    1. Hi Andrea – I think that’s AWESOME! I also write down definitions, synonyms, etc. — I just back everything up with scripture that’s not based on word usage alone. 😉 Keep mapping on your own – we’d love to see what you’re learning (because after all, it’s about learning in your time with the Holy Spirit). He’s directing us all anyway!

    1. Not that I am aware of. I hope to be able to do formal classes sometime (praying about that because I would love to do it!), but until then, I’ll try to post videos on my YouTube channel. I expect to post one this week.

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