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#VerseMapClub – Week 1 Romans Ch. 1

Welcome back, dear Mappers!

Here I am, happy today. We’ve made it through our first week and… oh my, does my ❤ smile.

As you can see by our post today, we’ve had some amazing sharing going on. I thought I’d let your fingers do the walking through the first chapter of Romans for us, because what you’ve written (and shared) has blown me away! Here’s a video with some of your questions, followed by some examples of your #mindblown moments #intheWord. (These pics came in over the last couple of weeks, so they are not all in Romans. In any case, we’re all mapping!)

Verse mapping & art, Author Ronie Kendig
VM_Morgan Smith
Verse mapping & art, Morgan Smith
Verse Mapping & art, Author Angie Dicken
VM_Alena Tauriainen
Verse mapping, Alena Tauriainen

Did I mention that the addition of the Strong’s Concordance references and your art is AMAZING? Y’all are making some of us (me!) look bad! 🙂 And here’s one of my maps… starting from square one: Romans 1:1-6

VM_KC_ROmans Ch 1
Verse mapping (and alas, no art. Boo!), Kristy Cambron

I hope I didn’t miss any pics of our friends here. If I did, please send them on and we’ll share next week. So that’s it — our amazing week in Romans Chapter 1. I’m still working my way through but if you want to move on to Romans Chapter 2, go ahead and get ‘er done! 🙂 Stay tuned too, because we plan to share more pics and a verse mapping how-to video very soon.

Filming about verse mapping (and happy), with a visitor in the office

Blessings, dear Mapper friends — You are my heart.

With JOY in the Word,


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  1. This process is intriguing, I recently purchased a journaling Bible. Am excited to begin to dig deeper into God’s word. Thanks for the encouragement and the inspiration.

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