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Joyeux Noël – Video Café & #Giveaway with Rose McCauley

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Joyeux Noël, Friends!

It’s Christmas morning… A peaceful, joy-filled, the-kids-will-soon-wake-and-tear-into-presents morning.  Are you doing what I’m doing — sneaking around in the kitchen before anyone else is awake, bumbling around while trying to make coffee in the dark? I try to rise before everyone else on Christmas (which is difficult, because kids wake so early). But I love the stillness of this morning. I love the opportunity to reflect and have a few peaceful moments focused on my Savior with blessed family time to follow.

Today we have a quick Video Café message from author and friend Rose McCauley for our final author coffee break of 2015!  (Don’t forget to stick around to the end of the coffee break for our usual #Giveaway… )

If you’re new to the Video Café, Click HERE to see what it’s all about. But if you’ve been here before, you know how it works. Grab your Christmas coffee and let’s hear from Rose !


Merry Christmas — Welcome to the Café, Rose! It’s nice to have our first message from an author in Paris (KY, that is). We’re delighted that you’ve joined us this Christmas morning! Where is your cafe and what are you drinking?

We’re awake early on this Christmas morning, sitting with you. We’d love to know what Scripture is ministering to you right now. Can you share a quick devotion moment with us? 

It’s Christmas, so we wondered: do you like to write (or read) about Christmas? 


And since 2016 is just about here… Can you share what’s up next for you (and us, as readers!) in the new year? 


And because we like fun stuff here in the cafe – what’s something your readers might not know about you? 

Thanks again for being my Christmas morning guest, Rose. I’ll enjoy having that cup of tea (or my favorite – coconut mocha coffee) in Nashville for the 2016 ACFW Conference. Hugs, lady!

Rose_2Rose McCauley is a Christian author and speaker. Her experiences as a public school teacher, Sunday school teacher, Girl Scout leader, MOPS mentor and Moppet worker, scrapbooker, wife, Mom and Grandmother give Rose a wide field of ministry to women.

McCauley BarnRose has been happily married for over 40 years to her college sweetheart. They have lived and raised their family of two daughters and a son on a farm of rolling hills in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky where their neighbors tease them that their cows must have legs shorter on one side from walking around the hills. Their family is growing with the addition of a two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and five grandchildren who are definitely GRAND!

You can find Rose at her website:


Rose is pleased to offer an e-copy of Home for Christmas (7 Christmas novellas) to one reader in the cafe. This Giveaway is for US residents only, and runs from 12/25/15 – 12/31/15. Enter by adding a comment to answer this question (during the giveaway dates):

  • Rose joined us from Paris (Kentucky) today. Most of my friends know Paris is the one city I most want to visit someday. If someone was going to gift you a trip anywhere on the map, where would you most want to go? (Or would you rather stay home for Christmas?) 

We’ll draw one name and announce the winner on this post 12/31/15. And stick around, because we’ll have more author friends  in the Café in 2016. In the meantime, stop by the Freebies & Fun page  — we’ll keep you up-to-date on the active #Giveaways we have running all the time!

With JOY & coffee talk,


19 thoughts on “Joyeux Noël – Video Café & #Giveaway with Rose McCauley

  1. Hi Kristy, you did a great job with my first attempt at a video interview! Thanks so much. I checked it out and tried to leave comments, but it wouldn’t let me. First I tried WordPress since that is what my blog is too, but my password to get into my WP account wouldn’t work (I even looked it up to be sure!) any hints? then I tried FB but it hasn’t shown up yet either—any help? I don’t want people to think I am not even reading their comments! rose >

  2. Trixi and Kristy, Germany is another beautiful country. My two girls and I took a 10 day European tour after the oldest daughter graduated college, and spent a whole day on a cruise down the Rhine River gawking at all the Castles on almost every hill! Hope you get to do the same some day!

  3. If I had a trip gifted to me, I’d love to take the hubby to Germany! His family is from there (great, great Grandparents), and I from all the pictures I’ve seen, I think it would be a neat country to explore. Believe it or not, there is also a city with the same name as our last name! The closest we got to seeing Germany is a town in Washington State called Leavenworth (no not the prison, lol). It’s a Bavarian themed city at the foot of the Cascade Mountains with cute little shops. The shopkeepers dress up in German costumes & they have many festivals during the year. We went there during Maifest (or May-Fest) set during the month of April to welcome Spring. They have many traditional dances, live music (polka) and the maypole dance. It’s the coolest thing to see! It’s a neat place to visit and we hope to do it again sometime soon 🙂
    I enjoyed the video cafe chat & especially the scripture verse & mug you shared with us. I also like a variety of hot teas in the evening. Thanks for sharing with us Rose, it was nice to meet you 🙂

    1. Trixi – I saw that German village spot on a Travel channel show and I was totally enchanted (as I am of German descent on my Grandmother’s side. She instilled my true love of German cooking! 😉

    2. Kristy and Trixi, When our oldest daughter graduated from college she wanted to go on a European tour so I took our youngest daughter and we went. Germany was one of the countries we visited, and it was lovely–quaint villages and lots of green pastures and we even spent one day on a river cruise gawking at castles! It seemed like around every bend in the river we saw another castle gracing the hilltop! Hope you both get to visit sometime!

    1. Hi Gail H. thanks for leaving a comment. I have visited all those places, and I have to say my fave is Hawaii and second would be Alaska. Hope you get to visit al of them someday, too.

  4. The place I would choose would be either Germany or Poland. That is where my family is from and most still live there. It would be amazing to see them all and to go to the Christmas Markets so famous in these countries.

  5. I would like to see London. I have watched British tv through BBCA and as early as the mid to late ’70’s on PBS. I have seen beautiful places there and of course Buckingham Palace. I would like to hear language I can understand. I’m afraid I would get myself into trouble if I went somewhere else. My dream vacation would be England, Scotland, and Ireland. I’ll include Wales too.

    1. Connie Brown and Kristy, You all both are younger than I am, so I want to give you hope. When my hubby and I married I had grown up in Louisville and had only been out of the state twice–to Grand ole Opry in TN and to Cincinnati. But now thanks to God and my loving hubby, I have visited London and Paris and many of the other countries mentioned in these comments. It’s like the verse I quoted–God has blessed me much more than I ever asked or imagined. (Eph 3:20) May He give you the delights of your hearts, too in the years to come!

    2. Hi Connie – CONGRATS! We drew names and you’re the winner of Rose’s book! Please connect with Rose at: rosemccauleywrites(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize.

      P.S. I want to go to London too! ❤

    3. Hi Connie Brown, Kristy tells me you are the winner of my giveaway, so please contact me at with your email so i can have Amazon deliver it to your kindle. Thanks again for your comment, and hope you can visit those countries someday. If you like to read about Scotland I recommend Liz Curtis Higg’s 5 fiction books set there, and she also has a non-fiction one about her travels to Scotland called “My Hearts in the Highands” I believe. You would really enjoy it!

  6. Merry Christmas, Kristy and Rose! I would love to be at Disney World right now 🙂 Though we are having very warm weather right now in Ohio, it feels like we’re in the south.

    1. Hi Christy Maurer, I live in KY just a little bit more south of you, and we had a warm Christmas, too. I saw pics of the Disney Castle all lit up on Facebook–my 3 year old granddaughter would be enthralled!

  7. Oh, my life has changed so much since my little ones were little. My husband and I put on the coffee and had it with Christmas carols playing in the background–the mellow kind, not the grandma-got-run-over-by-a-reindeer or the barking-dogs kind. We needed to feast on peace and quiet before we drive two hours south to Cape Cod to join about 30 members of our crazy family! Merry Christmas, Kristy, to you and yours. Enjoy these special moments. They fly by!

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