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The Repair Shop — When the Lens Needs Fixing

I love Jesus.

I am also broken. I sin. I make mistakes. I struggle to be patient at times. I dislike failure. I look to the world to define parts of myself, instead of looking to Him. I have a packed schedule. I’m plagued with “busy”. It distracts my eyes from focusing on His ways through the work and school and sports and responsibilities that tempt to dominate my daily routine.

That’s why this post is so important to me.

I’m broken. And in some way, I wake with needed repairs every single morning. If I spell it out — that Christianity is NOT BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION — that brokenness takes on a bigger meaning. When I wake up in the repair shop each day, I remember that it’s a relationship — not a religion. And sometimes the way I look at the world needs a little refocus on the lens.

Becoming a disciple of Christ is not voting a certain way. It’s not following this rule and that. It’s not avoiding people of a lifestyle different than mine and staying in a nice, comfortable, un-messy space. It’s not about hiding our past. Or our shortcomings. Or our fears. It’s not about wearing clothes that are crisp and clean on the outside, but muddied and worn on the inside.

It’s not about showing the world how perfect, and holy, and unblemished we are.

How do I become a disciple of Christ?

I. Love. Jesus.

That’s it.

He’s the foundation.

Because if we really, really love Him first, we’ll seek Him.

  • We’ll follow Him.
  • We’ll crave His Word.
  • We’ll pray. (Not because it’s something we should do. We’ll talk to Him because that conversation is our lifeline.)
  • We’ll read Scripture. (Not because we’re told to or guilted into it. We’ll read it because it’s our oxygen.)
  • We’ll walk, keeping our eyes focused on Him, keeping the lens of things He wants us to see firmly in front of our eyes.
  • We’ll love Him. Authentically. In the messy moments. In the pain and the struggle and the uncertainty…

WE LOVE HIM. And then He goes to work.  He changes our hearts. Actions will follow. Thoughts will divert. Words will shift. Attitudes will reflect light.  Yes – the world will look at us differently. They won’t understand. They’ll see real and sometimes raw faith and say, “There’s just something different about them. What is it?

Let it always be said that the difference is because we love Jesus.

We give because we love.

We serve because we love.

We deny self because we love.

We do all things, and see the world through His lens… because we love.

Our past. Skin color. Lifestyle. Sin. Ethnicity. Origin. Gender. Unpolished faith. Success. Education. Wealth. Appearance. Failure. Temptation. Doubt. Unbelief. These things will be filtered out by the lens! We’ll start to see the Love as the definition of all things that matter — not the list of things that don’t.

Today, of all days, I pray to wake in the repair shop.

I pray that I’m just as aware of brokenness today as I am tomorrow. And the next day. And the day after that. Because if I wake in the repair shop, it means I love Jesus. It means I’m focused on the lens of Him in my life. And that means, I won’t see “the list”.

I’ll only, only ever see the Love.

From the repair shop,


4 thoughts on “The Repair Shop — When the Lens Needs Fixing

  1. oh Kristy! this is so beautiful! and so spot on! so many times we try to make it a formula when it’s not. it’s as you say, simply loving Him. so easy. and yet so hard sometimes.

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