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Updates from the Writing Desk — & eBook FLASH Sale

KCambron - Home Office

My view of the world is two places these days: here (in my home office) or tucked away in corners of my favorite coffee shops… because I’m WRITING a new book! 🙂

It’s that time of year when the weather still has a foot in two seasons. On any given day, I can look out my office window and find sun, or like this week, see the beauty of snow falling in sheets. And those late winter (or early spring) cold snaps make for fantastic, stay-in-where-it’s-warm writing days. And if you’re into books – reading days too!

For all of you wonderful reader friends out there, I have a few updates to share – exclusive to this newsletter list. Here we go!


Most of you probably know, I’m working on my fourth novel with HarperCollins Christian Publishing. We recently decided on the title for this Jazz Age tale of vaudeville, illusions, and the world famous Harry Houdini. This book is due out in stores March, 2017 – titled THE ILLUSIONIST’S APPRENTICEUntil we have a cover design and more story details to share, you can follow an inspiration board already up on Pinterest



I’m pleased to share that A SPARROW IN TEREZIN is a BookBub and Book Look Daily Deal —  TODAY is the final day to get your e-book copy at the FLASH SALE >> $1.99 price!

This deal turns into a pumpkin at midnight though, so hurry, hurry… And ENJOY!



There’s so much happening this spring! I’ll be stopping by the Southern KY (SOKY) Bookfest in April, and have tons of fun things planned for the upcoming release of  THE RINGMASTER’S WIFE — which was named one of Publishers Weekly’s Spring 2016 Religion and Spirituality TOP 10 books!

Stay tuned, because we’ll have details of my behind-the-scenes tour of John and Mable Ringling’s Ca’d’Zan (“House of John”) mansion in Sarasota, FL. I can’t wait to bring you all along for the research ride. (HINT: Here’s a short teaser clip of the Research Files video to come!) 

Yesterday was special — #WorldBookDay! That makes it a wonderful opportunity to say Merci, and Thank You, so very much, for the support you give every day. You have all become friends who pray for these books, who buy, read & support, and who offer unending encouragement on the journey to see each new book come to life. I’m honored to have you in our corner, and can’t wait to see the good things God will do in Christian fiction in 2016!

With JOY,