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BOOK NEWS: Want to Help Us Pick a Cover?

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UPDATE (4/29/16):  The polls have now closed on this cover art vote… THANK YOU to all who participated!

We will announce the winning cover art concept soon. In the meantime, stop by the The Illusionist’s Apprentice page to learn more about this story — set for release in stores in March, 2017!

One of my favorite Pinterest boards is titled: COVER LOVE.

I haven’t read all of the books on the board– I just know they have something lovely or bold or snazzy about their cover that grabbed my eye and hooked me right in. If I saw them on a bookstore shelf, I’d pick them up and read the back cover based on the art alone. (More than likely, I’d head for the checkout too.)

If you’ve ever wondered how a cover is designed… then this is the post for YOU!

I recently handed over the manuscript for THE ILLUSIONIST’S APPRENTICE to my lovely editor. While she’s working on edits with me, it’s time to start thinking about the direction of our cover design. And… because Christian fiction has the best readers (and cover-lovers) we know, we’d LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!

Please CLICK HERE to see (3) cover concepts for THE ILLUSIONIST’S APPRENTICE, and vote for your favorite! 

In case you need them, here are a couple of things to help in your decision — a Pinterest board & a link to the GoodReads summary (to add to your shelves):

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This is the first chance I’ve had to share cover concepts and I’m excited to see what y’all think! Let’s see which one might be the winner…

MERCI & thanks, Friends!


4 thoughts on “BOOK NEWS: Want to Help Us Pick a Cover?

  1. What an interesting survey! It was a privilege to participate, Kristy. I look forward to seeing which cover you and your publisher choose, and even more to reading the book! God’s blessings!

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