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Writing Desk News: Which Cover Won?

You may remember that recently, we asked for YOUR vote on the cover design for The Illusionist’s Apprentice — releasing from HarperCollins Christian Publishing in March, 2017.

Well, we heard you! The votes were counted — and it was close, but… Drumroll, please! The winning cover is:


Your feedback was fantastic too. So, very soon we’ll have a photo shoot for this design scheme, to ensure we get the 1920s dress just right. (Yay!!) And if you liked the mystery of the top hat and the elegance of the costume taking center stage in this vaudeville story, you’ll be excited to know we should have final cover art soon…

We’ll have the final cover art reveal soon.

In the meantime, you can check out the BOOK PAGE and the links below get inspired, or add this title to your To-Be-Read shelf on GoodReads:

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Stay tuned, dear friends — there’s more to come!

With bookish JOY,


9 thoughts on “Writing Desk News: Which Cover Won?

  1. How exciting! This is the cover I most liked, too. I thought the options we looked at were for the final cover, but how exciting that this is the cover concept and we get a second big reveal! Can’t wait to see the finished cover and get another glimpse into this story, Kristy!

    1. The really fun thing is… this is the final idea — we actually get to have a photo shoot just for this cover, and then have an all new cover art reveal. Yahoo!! 😉

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