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Wednesday Wisdom – NEED


“For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him.” —Matthew 6:8

Please tell me I’m not alone when I say that I sometimes struggle with prayer. Forgive the real and please, overlook the doubts… but I’m not always strong when I kneel before Him.

Sometimes in the everyday (but especially in a time of great NEED), it’s difficult to find the words to say. Will God think my need is paltry to the affairs of the world? Do I frustrate Him when my faith is shaken? Does He want to hear from me only in the valley-walking, or have I come to Him in the joy-moments too?

It’s real. Raw sometimes. Too vulnerable to admit that my prayer life could use a boost. Because when you’re sitting in an ICU room with machines beeping in the background, words are more than scarce. Because when you’re standing in an unemployment line, tears might be a substitute for a voice. Because when you’re waiting and waiting and waiting for a relationship to heal, you just might be all talked out…

But here’s the promise this mid-week: He knows. He cares. He waits on us to share the NEED that’s already so known to Him.

There have been times I said nothing. I knew I didn’t need to. My prayer was this: “Just be here with me.” Because He knew what was on my heart already, and we’ve been slowly cultivating a relationship as Father and daughter, where words aren’t always needed to know what the other is thinking.

Pray. Just say something. Anything. Even if it’s mumbled and hard-fought… come to Him with every need. As we move into the rest of the week, stand firm that He knows and sees and cares about every need on your heart.

He’s ready to listen.

With confidence this mid-week,

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10 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom – NEED

    1. I told someone else — if it’s posted here, then I needed it too. I write what my own heart hears. Sometimes we have that NEED part of our walk with God that it speaks up and demands attention. Today was that day. 🙂

      P.S. You can copy/paste the link into a browser to share if you’d like. Hugs!

  1. If I may, I have a very serious prayer request. My Father-in-law has just turned 93. He has a 95% blockage in his heart. Because his lungs are bad and because of his age there are only two options. Leave it alone and he could die at any moment or go in and try to clear the blockage with a ballon. He will go in the hospital Monday to discuss and decide what to do. The procedure is very risky but so is doing nothing. He’s miserable as he is because of chest pain and low energy. This is tearing my husband up because he is the primary decision maker. We could certainly use some heavy duty prayers right now. Thank you.

    1. Gail ~ Sister. Oh my. I am so sorry. I will tell you that I understand your heart and your prayer request here. When my Dad was in ICU, we were facing the decision to turn off the life support machines. With leukemia attacking like it was, the doctors told us he wouldn’t pass away without turning the machines off. So when it came down to it, my mom was going to have to say when. and it broke her heart. Our prayers were simply: “God, you decide. You take this for us.” And He did. He was there, in every decision, every tear, every single breath we took in from that ICU room. And God chose. It completely surprised the doctors, but my Daddy passed away while on life support. We didn’t have to choose — Gail, our God is faithful. He is merciful and loves you and your husband. (I know you already know this, but sometimes we need to just hear those words again.) He’ll show you that love and presence right now. Pray and give the decision to God. He is faithful in all things — especially in the toughest decisions we’ll ever make. Love to you.

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