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Oops! — Newsletter Slam + I’m Sorry #Giveaway


“If you can’t make it better, you can laugh at it.” —Erma Bombeck

It’s one of those days I so wish I could blame it on technology. Maybe the website frizzed out. Maybe old posts were just aching to be seen again. Or… as with what happened here on this afternoon… it was user error.

I’m wondering if there are any sisters out there who could spare a little grace, and would raise your hand to say,

“Oh, Girl. That is soooo me today. I’m with ya!”  

If that’s you, bless you — we’re in this mid-week thing together.

So for those of you who may have received a barrage of archived Video Café posts today, I’m so sorry for the mix-up! After traveling to my beloved Nashville two times in the last two weeks, drinking insane amounts of coffee on the drives, getting little sleep because of the new story that’s taking over my thought life… all I can think is that it wasn’t the afternoon to attempt website maintenance. (Oops!)

To say I’m sorry and THANK YOU for staying a part of this Jesus-loving + vintage writing + verse mapping community, I’m sending out a signed copy of The Ringmaster’s Wife to (2) readers who comment on this post:

Please leave your name + email address in this post — and I’m sending you a virtual hug to say THANKS! 

UPDATE — Our winners are: CONGRATS to Connie Scruggs and Cheryl Hart. THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by to offer encouragement — you truly made my day!

Giveaway is for continental US residents only. (Sorry!) Void where prohibited. Giveaway lasts from EST time of this post 11/16/16 thru 11:59pm EST 11/17/16. (2) winning names will be drawn & winners notified via email on or after 11/18/16 (winning names will also be announced on this post). 

So… Whew. Thanks! And we’ll get it together for the next posts to come. Today can only get better, and we can laugh through it — as Erma Bombeck would say! 🙂

With Oops! & grace,


60 thoughts on “Oops! — Newsletter Slam + I’m Sorry #Giveaway

  1. I went to your blog and tried to comment, but it said I had to log in to my WordPress account or create my own blog in order to comment. Since I don’t need a blog on top of everything else going on in my life (5 kids, holidays), I couldn’t comment. I own The Ringmaster’s Wife on Kindle. I was hoping to win a paper copy to donate to my children’s school library. They have a high demand for Christian fiction.

    Do you worry about posting your personal email on a blog post? I always wonder if some stalker will come across it and start emailing me. Maybe I’m paranoid, but I’m always warning my kids about sharing private info online. I’ve never posted my email on a comment before, just my first name.

    Anyway, sorry you’ve had a rough week! It’s been crazy for me too. I have a cold and feel like my brain is detached from my body. Thanks for the opportunity to win your book! Sorry I couldn’t comment in the right place.

    By the way, I can’t wait for The Illusionist’s Apprentice. I got to vote on the cover a while back. May God help you organize your time and thoughts, enjoy each day and get a restful night’s sleep.

    Sharon Shaw


  2. Don’t worry. Everyone has had those kind of days. I know I have many times. User error or not, its technologies fault. 😁

    Thanks for holding a giveaway. That is sweet of you!

    Katie Tyndall

  3. Do you realize how much better you have made me feel? The past few weeks have been made up of days filled with trying to achieve too much, followed by forgetfulness and then error. I wouldn’t wish this for you but I am glad to know that I am not the only one! Prayers that your days will get easier!
    cps1950(at)gmail(dot) com

    1. Please forgive me, Connie, if I’ve ever given the impression that I’ve got it all together. I’d love to sit down over coffee and talk about the “real” we’ve got going on in our lives. Ha ha! Hugging you!!

  4. Really, Kristy, who hasn’t had stuff like that happen. If you’re connected, you are likely to send out something unexpected sometime. Missed being at ACFW and getting my yearly hug and chat time at registration. Would love a copy of your new book! Diane E. Tatum,

  5. Life happens! Laughing about it is the best medicine. My motto is “as long as nobody died, we’ll get over it”. Just thankful I’m not a doctor when I make mistakes (kind of a sick sense of humor, but it gets the point across).
    Anyway, I’m always ready to extend grace. It makes me feel better about myself to know other people have goof ups, too. So thanks for the boost to my self esteem 😀

  6. No worries….we all need those days of ‘grace’! Today was one of those for me for sure! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Take a deep breath and exhale and relax…if needed, repeat!

  7. I didn’t receive the past posts you were talking about; just a very nice blog post dated Nov. 16. I can emphasize with your tech difficulties. I’m fairly clueless when things go wrong. I either have to wait for one of my kids to visit or, more often than not, call them and have them talk me through to a solution. If it makes you feel better, I’ve received a lot of old blog posts all at once from other bloggers. It’s apparently a fairly common problem. I hope you can get some sleep. Things are always worse when we are tired!

  8. Alas, I cannot say I’ve had “that kind of day” as I’ve been poolside with my bestie in FL all day sharing our hearts and many laughs…. BUT, I am no stranger to “those days.” In fact, they are more the norm than I’d like to admit, ha! Fun idea to do a giveaway!!!! Thx!!! Jessica Broberg

  9. Oh so sorry Kristy!! I don’t believe I got any “ooops” back newsletters. Don’t you wish sometimes you could have one of those “Easy” buttons from Staples? Or perhaps, like childhood, you could have a “do-over”? We all have one-of-those-days…we just have to laugh at ourselves and move on 🙂 Blessings!

    Thank you also for the chance to win a copy of “The Ringmasters Wife”, it’s been on my most wanted to read list!

    teamob4 (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Don’t you worry! We all have days like this, especially when we try to do too much or multi-task as we females like to do. Tomorrow is a brand-new day. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of The Ringmaster’s Wife. It’s on my TBR list and would make a lovely post-birthday present for me. 🙂

  11. I think we all have days like this, especially when we try to do too much or multi-task, as we females seem to do a lot. I enjoy your posts and thanks for the chance to win a copy of The Ringmaster’s Wife. It’s on my TBR list. Hope tomorrow is a better, calmer day.

    1. Obviously I’m having the same kind of hectic day since I couldn’t even remember to put my e-mail address in from the time I read the post to the time I scrolled down and commented! 😉

      genuinegagirl at gmail

  12. “Oh, Girl. That is soooo me today. I’m with ya!” 😃 There are days like this. Sending a cyber hug (providing cyber gremlins don’t steal it before it gets to you).


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