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Wednesday Wisdom – BLESS


“Then the earth shall yield her increase;
God, our own God, shall bless us.” —Psalm 67:6 (NKJV) 

Blessings come wrapped in unexpected packages sometimes. They’re not always glitter and gold. Sometimes they’re clothed in God Himself. In His love. His mercy. His making sure that we have what we need and that our eyes are open enough to realize it.

I remember a Thanksgiving holiday when our family was living through some lean days. We didn’t have the ability to buy and prepare what we needed for a harvest table dinner with turkey and the traditional trimmings. Instead, we loaded in the car and went to a restaurant, where one of the grandparents paid for our family’s dinner.

It was new, having no home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner to give thanks for. (Though, blessed grandparent — we were so grateful for you!) The funny thing is, we still felt an increase. That year had netted a marked yield in the way our family had little but relied on God so much more. In the oddest sort of way, I consider that holiday a cherished one because we drew closer to Him and to each other. It became an immeasurably blessed memory because we had God, and we had love for one another, and nothing else mattered.

2016 is the first year our family was able to participate in Thanksgiving outreach for other families. And I wonder if they’ll know — we understand. Really. From the depths of our crying hearts. We’ve been there. Someone handed us a dinner once too. But isn’t that the blessing? Isn’t a lesson the sum of need and empathy when we’ve walked a road ourselves?

May God BLESS you today, in whatever feeds your heart and draws you closer to Him.

With thanks,


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