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Wednesday Wisdom – GIFT


“Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” —2 Corinthians 9:15 (NIV)

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

No doubt you remember what the package looked like and how it felt to unwrap it, whether you tore into it or took your time folding back the tissue paper. I remember ours. It came at a time when our family was in need and friends sent us some help. I will never forget it. We were a combination of tear-streaked, thankful, humbled and grateful, in shock… It meant so much to us that I still have a hard time describing the moment we received it. I even saved the mailing envelope. Why? Because the best gifts — the ones that truly change our lives — have this kind of DNA wrapped inside. They’re made of a combination of thankful and indescribable.

The NASB and ESV translations use ‘indescribable’ and ‘inexpressible’ to describe the gift God gave the world in Jesus. The MSG says: “No language can praise it enough!” And the NLT tells it like it is… this gift we celebrate this month, well, it’s “too wonderful for words”. It doesn’t matter which translation of the Bible we use — this is an incredible verse! There’s not much to it, but the words there pack some kind of punch. The memorable kind. The moments that have the power to change everything about our hearts. And while it’s fine to celebrate with snowmen and santas, and we’ll probably attend a gift exchange or two, the gift we already have is the most incredible we could hope to receive.

Whether we’re giving or receiving today, I pray it’s memorable. That it’s a moment of thankful and indescribable wrapped in gold paper. That we’re moved to remembrance, and our hearts are changed in some way that is too wonderful for words. It’s freely given here, this GIFT. Unwrap it. Take your time if you need to. Fold the paper back gently. Because He has been given to you, and me, and every soul on this earth. And that’s what the gift-giving season is all about.