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Wednesday Wisdom – ON HIGH


“Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!” —Luke 2:14 (NKJV)


What are your family holiday traditions? Some of ours are silly — the ugly sweater-wearing or the watching of ‘Elf’ about a hundred times. There’s always cookies and treats involved, and new PJs for Christmas Eve. Others traditions are more long-held, like attending candlelight services, or from my childhood, reading Luke Ch. 2 and having prayer as a family first thing every Christmas morning.

I have that tradition firmly rooted in some of my first memories of Christmas week. We always took time to praise before anything else was done. To look ON HIGH, to rejoice and celebrate what God had done in giving this gift of His Son to the world. And though I didn’t fully comprehend it in my youth, I pray that as each year passes in adulthood, He’d ensure our understanding of this Gift is more deeply felt.

It’s time for celebrating, that’s sure. Maybe you’re on vacation from work right now. Maybe you have a beautiful family surrounding you, and friends and loved ones who have gathered near this week. I pray that we’d look up this Wednesday. That the sky wouldn’t be the limit on our understanding of who Jesus is. That we’d have a breakthrough in 2017, in our service, in the love we show others, in the patience we show in spite of our differences, the way Kingdom living becomes the way we move through the new year.

Rejoice today, friends! There is a God who thinks such loving thoughts for you — thoughts to the highest levels of the heavens — that He’d send a gift your way. May the last days of 2016 revel in it, and 2017 ring in with His glory like never before!

Looking up,


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