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From Kristy’s Writing Desk: Surprise Book News!


Hello, friends! 

More than 10 years ago, I called my husband on my lunch break at work.

We were talking, probably about our family or how our mid-week day was going. In fact, it was a conversation so common, I don’t even remember all that we said. But in looking back, I can clearly see the layout of my desk… The window overlooking a busy downtown street… Even what was on the computer monitor in front of me, still showing the current project I’d been working on.

Something stirred in my heart that day. I remember feeling the tug of a dream that refused to let go. Even though I enjoyed my corporate role as a teacher and curriculum designer, something kept me from contentment. My husband recently reminded me of what I said to him that day:

“You know, I love what I do — but I’d give anything if I could do it for Jesus.” 

In case you’re wondering what that signing photo means… YES! I  will continue to write the historical fiction stories I’ve come to love. They feed the art-loving side of this creative’s heart and I could never let that go! (Book 1 in the Lost Castle series of books will release in February, 2018.)

But for the other side of  my heart — the calling for that girl from over a decade ago,  who was a teacher and content designer but wanted to do that job for Jesus — well, we have some exciting news to share!

Both Verse Mapping Bible study/video series will release from Thomas Nelson Publishers (HarperCollins Christian Publishing) in early 2018!

In the meantime, you can learn more with a How-To post on the Verse Mapping community page. We’re still building — video resources, workbook materials, and a social media community on a newly designed website — and I’m delighted that we’ll get to grow in all of that together!

Thanks for joining on the journey,





7 thoughts on “From Kristy’s Writing Desk: Surprise Book News!

  1. Kristy, so happy to hear you are doing what the Lord is leading you to do! I miss you, but wouldn’t want you to leave all the wonderful work you are doing, just to be able to work with you again! I hope your memories of our days together as co-workers, come to mind occasionally!
    Patti M.

    1. Hey Patti ~ Miss you too, my friend! Thanks so much for stopping by. I will always remember (fondly) my days working with Ken and team. Those were some of the most satisfying work years to date. I’m grateful to still hear from y’all! Sending hugs, K-

  2. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you on all of your writing endeavors. I’m intrigued that you’re going to be writing a couple of Bible studies. Very cool!

  3. That’s wonderful! I’m doing a CBS study right now (LOVE CBS model) but I actually had the thought the other day that I’d love to lead a Verse Mapping Study. Street team sign ups soon I hope!

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