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Wednesday Wisdom – MOM


Children are a heritage from the Lord,
offspring a reward from him.

—Psalm 127:3 (NIV)

This verse gives me such hope this #MothersDay week.

I remember how special is it to be a mom of three boys. It’s a messy, real, lovely, holy, blessing to be called such. And with the joy of that title, I also remember the heartbreak many years ago, in learning I wouldn’t be a mom at that point in time. Instead, the potential of that new life was wiped away in miscarriage. There’s joy, there’s loss — wrapped in the same verse.

We recognize this week brings both celebration and pain for many sisters out there. You may have walked a road of joy in becoming a mother to children. (We rejoice with you!) And for those hurting today, wanting, hoping, and even crying for the same blessing in this verse — whether the loss of a child, healing from abortion, or the journey with infertility — we hold you close this week.

This verse says that children are a heritage from the Lord. I’m reminded of all the ways we, as women, can build up the lives of children around us — even if they are not born to our bodies. By teaching. Mentoring. Watching over. Loving and investing in the children entrusted to our influence.

We love you. We don’t judge your journey or trivialize any loss, just as we don’t trivialize any blessing… Instead, we walk, hand-in-hand, shoulders-to-shoulder, tear-to-tear, love-to-love, staying at your side through it all.

This week is time for honoring, rejoicing, and walking together through this journey of womanhood. Of motherhood. Of being blessed in walking together, whatever heart-story Mother’s Day brings.

Love to all the Mommas.


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