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Wednesday Wisdom – HEAL


He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds.

—Psalm 147:3 (NIV)

Making the old new again: it’s the reigning subject of DIY blogs, TV shows, and endless Pinterest boards out there. And as a culture, we love it.

There’s something almost magical in taking a few swipes of paint to something, and making a pristine “new” from that which could have been discarded. Not only do we fashion something beautiful out of what was once timeworn, we remake, renew, and restore to HEAL the broken, so it might be used again.

Of the many Greek definitions for broken used in the New Testament, the one that speaks to this restoration definition to me most is: “brought to the point of birth”.

I talk about it often, how stories do not leave us unchanged. They remake, restore, refashion what’s been broken, and heal the pieces — often to the point of a rebirth in who we are. We’re a new person out of the experiences that shape us in this life, and we become a new version of ourselves.

I love how this verse says our wounds are bound — but not erased completely. That’s true. The broken pieces aren’t erased, because the scars help to make us who we are. God will heal what’s been broken and He’ll bring us to a new version of ourselves, so ultimately, our hearts might be open again.

I hope you have peace this mid-week. I hope there’s healing going on, whether recent or from brokenness of years past. Don’t worry — He’s big enough to handle whatever we bring.


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