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Wednesday Wisdom – SUMMER


It was you who set all the boundaries of the earth;
you made both summer and winter.

—Psalm 74:17 (NIV) 

It’s the last week of school for many of us out there. And so, June starts off summer in our house– with trips to the pool, cookouts, bike rides down the country lane, and lazy, lazy days… except that’s not exactly true! It’s just how I REMEMBER summer as a kid. In the 80s. When the parents still had to work, and keep the house going, and keep the kids entertained until school started back up in September.

Now I’m the parent.

Now I’m the one with deadlines, and laundry, and grocery store runs to make.

Now I’m the one spinning my wheels trying to find something for the kids to do other than punch each other in the gut for two months. (Boys. Sheesh!)

But the reason why I so love this verse and the graphic that goes along with it, is we all have a clear picture in our minds of what Summer brings. It’s all about sun. Rest. Lazy days. Slooowing down. Breathing life. Sweet tea on a front porch swing. Taking a walk through a sunflower grove. And taking life at a slower pace than the seasons that bustle before and after it…

The reminder is: God is constant through it all.

He was the same all the summers before we were born. The same when we were kids. And now that some of us have been on this faith walk a little while longer, He’s the same in these later seasons of our lives as well.

Whatever June brings for you, remember what it DOES NOT bring — and that’s any change in God’s faithfulness to us. He’s constant. The same yesterday, today, and all of our Summer tomorrows.


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