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Wednesday Wisdom – FULL

FULL_June 18

For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him.

—Colossians 1:19 (NIV) 

Father’s Day is a lovely-tough time for us. Lovely to celebrate with my husband and father-in-law, but tough because we miss my Dad in special holiday weeks like this.

My heart can feel like this graphic in weeks like this. It’s the right shape and size. You can tell it’s a heart. But there are some holes in there, marked “missing”. Or “hurt”. “Unforgiveness” or “loss”. Maybe even “regret” or “fear”. In our faith walk, we may have a heart that’s the right shape, but it’s missing some crucial pieces that keep us from being whole — or FULL — in Him.

Our family had a time of valley-walking a while back. I remember praying through it on our knees. Crying out to God to deliver us from the struggle we were in. And after a while, when things didn’t change and I was running on empty, I threw up my hands and called out, “What do you want from me!?” I knew God could change our circumstances but for some reason, He wasn’t doing it. And I needed to know why.

Now I do.

That soft whisper, “I want you to be whole” infiltrated my heart.

It was so gentle. So surprising. So completely loving, that I’m certain the Jesus who gave everything for us doesn’t want to just stand by and watch while the agony of circumstances drain us to empty. Rather, He wants to take us from empty — to be a part of the coming-to-wholeness process.

It might be a lovely-tough week for you too. You might have some smiles mixed in with a few of those open places in the heart. But as you’re celebrating this week, remember that it’s not about what’s missing in our hearts, it’s about WHO is filling them to fullness again.

Fathers — we love you. You make our days and fill our hearts with gladness. Thanks for rocking it every single day!


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