Kristy Cambron

Verse Mapping 101: Steps to Study the Bible Like Never Before

  You’re here because you want to need God’s Word. You want to learn it. To love it. To make it your oxygen and apply its promises to your daily faith walk. If you want to unpack the context of the Scriptures you’re reading but do it in a super-simple way— looking at the Hebrew/Greek…
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On Failure

What are you afraid of most, Mommy? We were driving to school and my four year-old’s question bounced up out of the back seat, catching me completely off guard. I honestly had to think about it before giving him an answer. Creepy-crawly things give me the heebie-jeebies, so I’m not partial to spiders. (I will scream…
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On Labels (I’m a Christian. You’re an Atheist. Can we still be friends?)

I’m a Christian. You’re an Atheist. Can we still be friends? It’s a question we shouldn’t have to ask, but we still do. I’ve had friends over the years who’ve held a range of beliefs outside of my Christian faith—Islam, Hinduism, Animism, Judaism, Paganism, and no religious affiliation being a few among them. Some were Christians once and…
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On Inviting

“It’s up to you, but I think we should consider killing _________ [insert character name].”  I was reminded today of a phone call I had with my editor some time back. She’d received my manuscript and in reading it through, had that key suggestion for our book. Without even thinking, I chimed in: “Yes — Good! Let’s…
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On Prayer (I’m a Christian Who Doesn’t Pray)

It’s a surprising line, right? But it’s true.  I just spent a glorious weekend at the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) annual conference. I left St. Louis after four days of coffee dates with author friends, tons of hugs, amazing worship time, watching friends win Carol Awards, and laughing too many times to count. It…
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