Lost Castle Series {2018}

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Explore the abandoned fairy tale castles and chateaus of Europe — in France, Ireland and England — in a new historical fiction series. 

Coming in 2018!

Bonjour, friends ~

For anyone who knows me, they know I’m a Paris-Girl. ❤

I’ve loved France since I was young. I spent many years in college researching the art and history from afar. I’ve even included Parisian scenes in my books. (Because, you know: “Je t’aime, Paris!”) Now that DREAM of my heart is finally coming true. (Sniff, cry!) I get to take YOU along for the journey in what I’m writing next.

So get ready, because we’re going to stroll through iconic cities and quaint villages, explore wine country, and tour the fairy tale chateaus and castles of Europe (France, Ireland, and England), all in this new historical fiction series.

Until we have more fun stuff to share (like cover art + a title for Book 1), you can jump into research with our family on our 9-day road-trip across Ireland, in our latest Research Files teaser short video: 

Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, Ireland (Research trip, 2016)

Book #1 in this new three-book series is expected to release in February, 2018. So stay tuned… there’s lots more to come.

Merci, for taking this journey with us!




The Lost Castle books are not yet available for pre-order, but you can check out the rest of Kristy’s books at one of these retailers:

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