On (Uncommon) Kindness



We hear about them all the time: Random Acts of Kindness. 

They’re uncommon. A blessing tossed into the fray of our sometimes stormy seasons. And when they land — so softly, so sweetly and seemingly for no reason — when they fall upon us, it’s like a kiss from heaven.

I wrote about it once, the first time someone paid for my latte in the coffee drive-thru. That was maybe six months back? And of all days — of any one morning in this coffee-obsessed writer’s life — it happened AGAIN today.

It’s not earth-shattering, right? It’s a $5 latte. But to me, it was. Someone paid my debt. Handed over unearned grace. Bestowed uncommon kindness, and paid for me. By the time I came through the line they were gone. But the grace remained. It’s a reminder that goodness is out there.

God uses people to bless. To be His hands, and voice, and uncommon kindness in our days.

If you’re out there, reading this, wondering if God really cares about YOU and you need something uncommon today, I hope this is it. I hope that a $5 latte reminds us all that life is so much more than we can see. It’s a mess of jumbled moments, whispered prayers, cups of coffee and opportunities to pick each other up and walk together through this life.

The first (6) people to comment on this blog post will receive a signed copy of one of my books.

I’m not advertising this as a giveaway. I don’t have a lot to give right now, but this is something that’s on my home office shelf. Right next to me. And maybe it’s a small blessing that’s just sitting there, waiting to be uncommon. If you’re one of the (6), please leave your email address and I’ll contact you to get your kindness in the mail.

#UncommonKindness — Please pay it forward… Keep the uncommon going until it’s “uncommon” no more.

Because His LOVE is uncommon,





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