Verse Mapping

Let's be honest— does anyone else have difficulty understanding Scripture?

(Waving hand over here...)

Do you want to do more— you actually want to research and apply what's in the Bible to your life today?

(Me too! Waving again.)

Are you looking for community to explore and map the Word of God together? 

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If this is you too, and you love unpacking the context of the Scriptures you're reading but you want to do it in a super-simple way— looking at the Hebrew/Greek translations, finding connections in the Word, & learning as much as you can from your time with the Holy Spirit— then join the community as we dig in to unlock our understanding of the Word of God.

You can learn more and purchase each study on the BIBLE STUDIES page, and join our mapping community below:


Looking for a quick-hit guide to begin verse mapping? We help you get started + get community, right here:

GATHER YOUR TOOLS   A notebook or verse mapping journal, markers/pens, Bible, a smart device (tablet or phone), and a concordance (if you want to get really dangerous!)

READ & BEGIN  VERSE MAPPING 101: Steps to Study the Bible Like Never Before

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