Verse Mapping

On Relevance

I wonder how many times relevant is referenced in the Bible? Curiosity bit and I was helpless but to find the answer. So off I went. Digging. Seeking. Wondering later just why that question had managed to hook me so. Because it’s zero. A big, whopping, culture-affecting zero. Relevant is an adjective we use to describe that…
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On Letting Go

I spent the better part of this week letting go. I spent the better part of this week in a garage surrounded by boxes, old clothes, nicknacks and whatnots, memories from yesteryear — and a few scary spidery insects that wanted to be friends with me. Besides the few times I screamed at the top of…
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Verse Mapping 101: Steps to Study the Bible Like Never Before

  You’re here because you want to need God’s Word. You want to learn it. To love it. To make it your oxygen and apply its promises to your daily faith walk. If you want to unpack the context of the Scriptures you’re reading but do it in a super-simple way— looking at the Hebrew/Greek…
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